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Last chapters 9 In the Case of Kamome 8 In Anzu's Case 7 In Nurse Tanpopo's Case

It follows the adventures of a male (who seems to change every few chapters) and a short, humorous, but mostly ecchi encounter with the various females he meets, whether it's in school, in the class room, or in the nurse's office. Each chapter is a mere 9-13 pages, and contains more fan service than needed!

Manga by MATSUYAMA Seiji

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  • Volume 1
  • 4 years agoZokusei 9: In the Case of Kamome
  • 8 years agoZokusei 8: In Anzu's Case
  • 8 years agoZokusei 7: In Nurse Tanpopo's Case
  • 8 years agoZokusei 6: In the Case of Sakura
  • 8 years agoZokusei 5: In the Case of Our Teacher, Miss Mirei
  • 8 years agoZokusei 4: Shimotsuki-san's Case
  • 8 years agoZokusei 3: Momiji-san's Case
  • 8 years agoZokusei 2: Tsukamori-san's Case
  • 8 years agoZokusei 1: Holland-oneesan's Case

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