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Zenbu Shiritai Manga

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This is the debut FC book by Makita Nao. Contains 5 short stories. - I Want to Know Everything♥ I won’t act spoiled with my boyfriend, and I definitely won’t trouble him, either. I’m trying to act like a cool and mature ideal girlfriend, but the truth is, I’m a wholehearted and annoying girl! I can’t tell anyone that I’m stalking my beloved boyfriend!! - Upside Down Honey - Fall, Fall, Rise Michiru is a girl with poor luck when it comes to love. She’s been dumped several times by her boyfriend’s for other girls. During her latest breakup, in her attempt to get over her love she makes as if to commit suicide, however a boy from her school stops her, claiming he’ll introduce her to the best guy on earth. Just who is the best guy on earth and where can be found? Or is he right in front of Michiru’s eyes? [from Starry Heaven] - Tomorrow There Will Be Fireworks Above Tomoe has a dream: to go to the fireworks display during the summer together with the guy she likes. However, she hasn’t found that spark of love at all, at least, not until her childhood friend, Miki, moves back to her school and she meets Kagami through him! She makes the perfect plan to confess to him, but that doesn’t go as well as she had hoped, when Kagami confesses to her that he really likes Tomoe’s best friend, Rikka! Is the friendship ruined between these best friends now? And will Tomoe be able to fulfill her dream of watching the fireworks with someone she loves? [from Starry Heaven] - Super ☆Star There’s a certain group of guys in Kiyoko’s class that stands out, and to her Hoshino stands out the most! In fact, he looks like he’s sparkling. However, he isn’t exactly what he seems to be, when Kiyoko discovers his part time job working at his family’s convenience store! But even in his work clothes, Hoshino is still sparkling to her. But it’s not until Hoshino is confessed to by another girl that Kiyoko truly realizes that even if she’s different from Hoshino’s ideal girl, she still has a chance…but is it too late for her?

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Zenbu Shiritai

  • Alternative title(s):�������
  • Released in:2007
  • Author(s):MAKITA Nao
  • Artist(s):MAKITA Nao
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
  • Status:Completed


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