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Ch 1-3 & 7 -- The Scent of Temptation: Shina works part-time at a coffee as well as a flower shop. Most days a Kanae, a salaryman and the brother of the flower shop owner, comes to have his coffee at the shop. One day a man is with him, and Shina realizes from watching their interaction that Kanae must be gay, which comes as quite a shock. Ch 2 -- When I Grow Up: When Tokiwa-san met Hiroto, he took to him because he looked so much like his dead lover. They become friends, but is that all Hiroto is to him, a substitute? And what role does Satoru, Hiroto's "friend with benefits", play in all of this? Ch 5-6 -- The Fields in Which We Live: Takamori took in Nagisa when he was hurt, but that wasn't the end of Nagisa's troubles. His boyfriend abuses him, and Takamori just found a gay porn video in which he's acting. Takamori isn't gay, but he worries about Nagisa and can't get him out of his head.

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Yuuwaku no Kaori

  • Alternative title(s):誘惑の香り
  • Released in:1999
  • Author(s):TOYAMA Mako
  • Artist(s):TOYAMA Mako
  • Type:
  • Genre(s):
  • Status:Completed


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