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Vairocana Manga

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The prince of Szak territory, Iska, was misled and inadvertently released an ancient monster, Nue, while stealing the katana that had sealed it for 400 years! And the first victim of the monster is Iska's own father! Because of his act, Iska is also cursed by an evil power? In order to make up with his mistake, he will embark on a dangerous journey with the stolen katana, chasing Nue to the end of the world to make him pay for his sins. The legends tell that the only weapon that can kill Nue is the famous katana ?Yukihira? which was manufactured by a demon of the Temma clan. In this first volume, Iska will try to find their village in order to learn more about Nue?

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Manga by Hato Moa

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