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From Tikus Scanlation: User tells a story about Elan who work part time as a game tester. He accidentally ordered an unusual video game. Then, Elan has been selected to participate in a game called 'Digital Gladiator'. The game can scan the whole place and the movement of any enemy playing those game. Those who managed to collect thirty five types of weapons, with a high level skill, will be the 'Master Gladiator'. 

Manga by Zint

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  • Volume 1
  • 3 years agoUser 8: Filename: USR08
  • 4 years agoUser 7: Filename: USR07
  • 4 years agoUser 6: Filename: USR06
  • 5 years agoUser 5: Filename: USR05
  • 3 years agoUser 4: Filename: USR04
  • 3 years agoUser 3: Filename: USR03
  • 3 years agoUser 2: Filename: USR02
  • 5 years agoUser 1: Filename: USR01

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