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“Wanna sleep with me and see?” said the beautiful young man, Shunen, to the not-so-ordinary salary man Yuuki! “DON’T SUCCUMB TO LUST!” preached the serious Yuuki. Yet, under Shunen’s skillful seduction, Yuuki was unable to resist! As fate would have it, Shunen turned out to be Yuuki's betrothed! And unbeknownst to Yuuki, Shunen has a perculiar quirk... he couldn’t live without sex! This totally turned Yuuki’s monotonous life upside down and inside out! Enjoy this erotic comic of Yuuki and Shunen.

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Unmei no Hana

  • Alternative title(s):運命の華, Flower of Destiny (TSUNODA Ryoku)
  • Released in:2007
  • Author(s):TSUNODA Ryoku
  • Artist(s):TSUNODA Ryoku
  • Type:Manga
  • Genre(s): Romance, Yaoi
  • Status:Ongoing


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