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Trump (JUNG Hyun-Joo) Manga

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Jiyoung has been told about Trumps and the Rule to control Trumps from her maternal grandfather. When she goes to her new school, she encounters a super model that fights with a guy using special power that seems to be the one Jiyoung’ grandfather has been talking. Unfortunately she is involved to their fights involuntarily, and even meets them at her new school. She gets to know they are psychics called Trumps (or Cards) who have special talents, mingling with them and she realizes she also has a special power. Is she also a trump or the rule?

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Trump (JUNG Hyun-Joo)


Manga by Jung Hyun-joo

  • Trump! Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, School Life, Shounen Last ch. 27 5 months ago

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