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Three Quarters Manga

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This is a one shot collection by Fake Fur's author. Even thought the book was out before Fake fur, this book is a sequel to Fake Fur. 0) Introduction to Three Quarters - Renai no Plus-Minus 1) The Border of Plus and Minus (Kyoikaisen no Plus-Minus) Yamashita meets and, to his annoyance yet not surprised, falls in love with womanizer Fukazawa. He's torn between his desire to be in love and his fear of being hurt again. [Yamashita originally appears in Yamagata's Fake Fur.] 2) Let's Have a Light Love! (Karugarui koi de ikkou) 3) Above Midday/Beyond Midday (Mahiru no Ue) In high school, Yamashita has a relationship with an older man. 4) Three Quarters Yamashita wants something he can’t have. 5) Three Quarters (Fukazawa side) Fukasawa wonders about his relationship with Yamashita. 6) Blue Air (Aoi Air) (Done by MFY) Takahara is in love with his carefree childhood friend Kusumi, but afraid that revealing his feelings would ruin their friendship and harmony. However, their school friends are starting to question the closeness of their friendship... 7) Sleeping Lovers Minato likes having a warm body in bed to huggle up with, but every person who shared his bed gets annoyed that he won't do any more than huggle. He doesn't think no one would ever understand the simple joy of sharing a bed. That's until he meets a young stranger named Ren. Ren agrees to share the bed with Minao, but on one condition: help him to find "Kanou". 8) Atogaki (Afterword)

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Three Quarters

  • Alternative title(s):3/4
  • Released in:1999
  • Author(s):YAMAGATA Satomi
  • Artist(s):YAMAGATA Satomi
  • Type:
  • Genre(s):
  • Status:Completed


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