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Sensei no Okiniiri!

Teacher\'s Pet

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Misuzu just started her dream job teaching at a prestigeous high school, and she feels totally motivated. Recently, she began going out with the really hot/manly principal Kazuki, and their relationship couldn't be better. But one day. Misuzu was raped by Kazuki's younger brother Masahiro, who happens to be one of her students. This is a huge secret that they can't tell anyone: the love affair between a teacher and a student.

Manga by AIHARA Miki

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  • naylaa · 4 months ago

    actually i don't really like the short introduction about this manga.

  • skiddoosh · 4 months ago

    After reading the first few chapters I've decided to drop this. The depicted relationship is clearly not a healthy one and that's apparent within the first chapter when the male lead rapes the female MC, but that's not even my main problem. The characters just aren't very engaging and the plot doesn't pick up the slack so as to hold my interest. I just don't care what happens to these characters because I'm not invested in their relationship. From what I've read it seems like the main merit of this manga is it's smut and if that's enough to keep you invested then you may like this, but it's not enough for me. If someone that has read further than I have (about 5 chapters) I'd love to hear if it gets better. For now, though, this is staying dropped.

  • psychopandas · 5 days ago

    Yeah the main drive is the smut factor in this manga. The romance isn't very healthy really. But if you did just come for the smut you'll get your pleasures worth out of it. ;)

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