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Sweetest Tripper Manga

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Takeru Hibino, who is working a part-time job at Ugetsu Bookstore, felt so dissatisfied with the sudden ending of a mystery series that he decided to go to the house of the popular writer, Kazumi Kuon, to give him a lecture. That very day, out of the blue, his body was taken by Kazumi. Afterwards, due to Kazumi’s female Editorial Director’s secret intention of getting out a new series, Takeru has become a lover of Kazumi. Somehow, while he’s still unaware of it, not only his body, but his heart as well has started to fall for the arrogant, yet gentle Kazumi…!? [MT]

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Sweetest Tripper

  • Alternative title(s):Sweetest-Tripper, S-Tripper
  • Released in:1999
  • Author(s):Uchida Kazuna
  • Artist(s):Uchida Kazuna
  • Type:
  • Genre(s):
  • Status:Completed


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