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Star na Koi Manga

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Contains one longer story and two short stories. The first, longer one is about two high school guys. One is on the swim team and the other is a very famous model/actor. When the model disappears during a photo shoot in the mountains, he suddenly reappears and attacks the swimmer. The second story is about a guy who is rescued by a doctor. The third story is about a baseball player who is taken advantage of by a teammate. Stories: Parts 1-5 "Star na Koi" Parts 6-7 "Throbbing Confession" Part 8 "Last Summer" Part 8.1 "Star na Koi Extra" The first story and the baseball story continue in Star ni Ai

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Star na Koi

  • Alternative title(s):None
  • Released in:2003
  • Author(s):Ougi Yuzuha
  • Artist(s):Ougi Yuzuha
  • Type:0
  • Genre(s): Yaoi
  • Status:Completed


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