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Yusuke Onishi easily gets crushes on everybody and anybody, but never succeeds in love. That is, until the day he meets and falls in love with his new neighbor - a mature single parent. Yusuke has finally met his match. But his match just happens to be a guy! This is a classic oyaji-uke of an unexpected love between two people, one younger, one older. ~~~~ The chronological order of Suzuki Naoki's story, which is told through two three-chapter oneshots and an extra:-- - Chiisana Garasu no Sora from Chiisana Garasu no Sora The story of Nao and his classmate, Yada. - Wildman Blues from Mizu Nurumu Nao meets his former childhood friend, Namaku Ayu, who still hasn't forgotten what Yada did to Nao and what Nao did to Ayu afterwards. (Souhei and Chika from Taiyou no Shita de Warae make a guest appearance) - Never Cry, an extra from Chiisana Garasu no Sora Nao realises he finally can let go of a demon that haunts him for years and be with the one he loves. (Souhei and Chika from Taiyou no Shita de Warae and Namaku Ayu from Wildman Blues make guest appearances.)

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Spring Fever

  • Alternative title(s):Mizu Nurumu,Mizu Numuru
  • Released in:1999
  • Author(s):YAMADA Yugi
  • Artist(s):YAMADA Yugi
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Yaoi
  • Status:Completed


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