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Shuuseki Kairo no Himawari

Fish Out of Water, IC In A Sunflower, Keep Those Condoms Away From Our Kids, Mister Mineral, Shouseki Kairo no Himawari, The Iron Maiden, The Other Side of the Rose Wire, The Sunflower Quality Of An Integrated , Circuit

Last chapters 7 Alive 6 Mister Mineral 5 Fish Out of Water

A cyber-punkish collection of stories revolving around the theme of the "DOLL." ` Keep Those Condoms Away From Our Kids The tale of boys and girls who have lost their sexual desire. Mihara Mitsukazu's debut work. ` The Iron Maiden The tale of the strain a girl experiences from having grown up in a home without love. ` The Sunflower Quality Of An Integrated Circuit Vanilla is a robot made by the SG Company. She's loaded with all the latest functions and completely subserviant to humans. And you even have the separate option of upgrading her to a lover robot. One Vanilla is a maidroid in the home of an elderly master and his younger wife. The atmosphere in the house is cold and stiff because the wife is having an affair with a younger man. The lonely master comes to look upon Vanilla as his own dear child. He suggests that when the sunflowers bloom, they go outside together to watch them. "Is that a command, sir?" asks Vanilla. "It is not a command," he replies. "It is a promise." And so forms the piercing and painful integrated circuit--the alternating current of intercourse--between a lonely old man and the emotionless Vanilla. ` The Other Side of the Rose Wire What was the thing a girl like an angel endlessly carried? ` Fish Out of Water A girl who lost her memories when she attempted to commit double suicide with her lover... awakens from her dream. ` Mister Mineral Inside the body of a cute girl who's just like a doll... are internal organs, and blood, and... • Alive The sad tale of a human and a clone who pass right by each other.

Manga by MIHARA Mitsukazu

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