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1-6) Heita was secretly in love with his classmate, Komai, and was found out by the infirmary sensei, Tsuge. Tsuge threatened Heita, “If you want me to keep it a secret, you'd have to listen to me.” From then on, Heita lets Tsuge have his way with him. Soon, Heita found that his rationality could no longer restrain his own overwhelming urge and desire. Did he fall in love with Tsuge? 7) Untold Love A moment of kindness in a train station made Miyami Shigo pay attention to shy bespeckled Maki Shuuichi. But when they meet again, Maki doesn't remember Miyami, and is cold towards him. 8) Moonlight Melody Edgar Lockwood is a beautiful young man with light hair and porcelain skin, so he's a favorite object of affection at the all boy's school he attends. Problem is, Edgar is straight, and all this male attention is totally unwanted! He even has to have a bodyguard in the form of childhood friend/servant Dick Clay. When Edgar gets the bright idea to tell everyone they're dating to repel his admirers, it's the perfect solution to his problem... right? 9) A Certain Day in Winter Heita, Komai, Tsuge all end up at Imayasu's place for hotpot. Sure, why not.

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