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Shinseiki Evangelion: Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku

Eva: Shinji Ikari Raising Projec, Evangelion: Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku, Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project, Shin Seiki Evangelion: Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku

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Ikusei Keikaku means something along the lines of "Raising Project", and is a series of games that are based around the concepts of Gainax's old Princess Maker games. These games allow you to more or less "raise" the character as if you were some sort of parental figure. Don't ask me for the particulars, I've never played it or seen it in action. But you can more or less mold the character into the adult you would like them to be. Previously there have been Rei and Asuka raising games, and most recently, a Shinji raising game. For some peculiar reason, they decided to release a manga to tie into the new raising game. The manga begins in a manner quite similar to the alternate universe of episode 26 of the TV series, as well as the Girlfriend of Steel 2 manga. In that aspect, this manga will seem quite "familiar" to you. As it stands, it's only one stage right now. I was not to terribly drawn into this new comic from its first stage, but then again, it's only the beginning, and sometimes good things start slow.

Manga by TAKAHASHI Osamu

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