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Shina Dark

Shina Dark, Shina Dark - Kuroki Tsuki no Ou to Souheiki no Himegimi, シャイナ・ダルク, シャイナ・ダルク ~黒き月の王と蒼碧の月の姫君~, 世外魔岛~黑月之王与双月公主~, 世外魔島~黑月之王與雙月公主~, 黑月之王和苍碧之月的公主, Shaina Daruku - Kuroki Tsuki no Ō to Sōheiki no Himegimi, Shina Dark - King of Dark Moon and Blue Mo

Last chapters 20 The New Moon (2) 19 The New Moon (1) 18 Loop (2)

Welcome to the cursed island of Shina Dark. This island is called home by the dark lord Exoda C. Claw AKA Satan. He's as powerful a being as you could ever hope to meet. Feared and hated the world over for the infinite amount of atrocities he's committed. He's.....actually a really nice guy who just wants to chill out around the castle and relax... After a month long nap he awakens to find that the rest of the world has made up another ridiculous rumor and blown it way out of proportion and that has caused his little island to be crowded with a thousand beautiful girls meant to be his mistresses/sacrifices. Worse yet is that since they have set foot on his island they are all believed to be cursed and are now shunned by their homelands. WhatÂ’s a couch potato Satan to do with 1000 women who wont leave? Who can say?From Operation Boredom:During an eclipse, demon Lord Exoda. C. Crown was revived. He is supposed to bring chaos and destruction to the world. The world is panicking, and as a sacrifice to the demon lord, they decide to send 1,000 girls to the demonic island, Shina Dark. However, in Shina Dark, all the legends are lies. Exoda does not sleep with 10 girls a night, and keep the others prisoners. He does not lust for girls, he does not want to cause mass destruction - he simply wants to live in peace. So when 1,000 girls suddenly show up in his island and refuse to leave, what will happen to Exoda, who simply wants to be left alone?

Manga by Nakayama Bunjuro

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  • bakaleaf · 2 years ago

    One of those legendary manga out there read at your own risk.. truth me don't read it ! you well forever regret reading such master piece.

  • ZlayT · 8 months ago

    Is there any translated chapters after 20?

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