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Shi o Utau Seiza Manga

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This manga includes four different stories dealing with horror and supernatural stuff. 1) Constellations that Sing of Death 2) Mist When You Turn Around / When the Fog Comes - "They say when the fog covers the graveyard, we can see ghosts!" Is it real? 3) Shiver of Flames / Fire Starter - Shoko has a power that she can't control: to start fire when somebody hurts her. If there a chance for her to make friends and live a normal life when she even burned her own mother? 4) The Mansion of Time / The Castle - A girl is having the same nightmare everynight, she hiding in a big clock and a woman coming to killer her at midnight. They think she is crazy, but what is about to happen when she meets a boy that is having nightmares everynight with the same castle?

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Shi o Utau Seiza

  • Alternative title(s):死を唄う星座, Fire Starter, Shi wo Utau Seiza
  • Released in:1993
  • Author(s):MATSUMOTO Yoko
  • Artist(s):MATSUMOTO Yoko
  • Type:Manga
  • Genre(s): Horror, Shoujo, Supernatural
  • Status:Completed


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