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Seikon no Qwaser

?????, ????????, ?????, ??? ???, Seikon no Kueisa, The Qwaser of Stigmata, ??????? ????????

Last chapters 58 Bullet Scars 57 Brother & Sister 56 The Shadow of the Executioner

The St. Mikhailov Academy student Oribe Mafuyu comes across a mysterious silver haired boy. He is called a Qwaser, a being that draws power from Soma and is able to manipulate a specific element. And now, in the 21st century, the mystery revolving around an Icon turns the academy into the battlegrounds for the fight between the Qwaser!

Manga by Yoshino Hiroyuki

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  • tayrashashank · 3 months ago

    An unique idea isn't necessarily a well thought-out idea. That seems to be an accurate description of the modern Anime/Manga Franchises. While each series may be unique in some instances, and perhaps more and more deviant and attempts to be unique. For example, a main character that turns into a dog in one of the more recent shows that's airing, or some of the more infamous titles, such as Sword Art Online. But enough of that, let's get a good look at what Seikon no Qwaser is about. Set in a Japanese Eastern Orthodox High School, Seikon no Qwaser takes an unique concept of using female lactation as a source of power. While this idea is pretty much unique to the series itself(unless some 18+ Series happen to use this plot device as well), that uniqueness pretty much ends there. Seikon no Qwaser while having it's chance to turn itself to an interesting series, practically squanders every chance that it has gotten. In essence, the plot is pretty much irrelevant. What matter is fanservice to boobs and guro fetishists. If it isn't clear enough by this point, the usage of boobs is nothing more to serve you with young and pretty girls. While the boobs + hot girls + Fights formula is pretty much time-tested and is a sure success to some degrees in the Anime/Manga industry, it certainly is also a sure ticket to mediocrity when misused. The story starts off in a promising fashion, but is quickly deterioated by the dropping of multiple points that was previously relevant. The coherency of the story is very low. Why a Qwaser would be located in a Japanese High School is poorly explained and seems like it's only there to induce melodrama. Why most of the Qwasers would be high school kids, or the fact the protagonist is 13 years old, is just there made for you to swallow down. Now, having the "Kids save the world" theme is certainly nothing new, and is rather a cliche. The religion as a basis for magic is also nothing new, and is rather cool. But no explanation that's rational is ever give to explain it, while the author pretentiously gives scientific explanation on the properties of the matters, even if he seems to be unknowledgeable about girls not having breast milk until impregnated.(Their powers is to control an element, in case you did not read the synopsis) If you are looking for a coherent plot, prepare to be confused! Characters literally jump out of nowhere in between transitions. For one chapter, a girl who's "genki" would start talking in the middle of nowhere, and another girl who's shown in a few pages back would jump out of no where and challenge that girl for no apparent reason! Everything in this series, the placements and coincidences all seem to be arranged for one thing: More boobs! And that leads me to the next point, the characters. While not expected to have any excellent characters, the series is shockingly bad at portraying real people. The main character is the stereotypical ice-hearted revenge boy, another character is the airhead with big boobs, another is a protective main heroine, and a manipulative loli who dominates people, along with various psychotic individuals from the antagonistic side. But other than the main protagonist, not many characters made me care about them. From time to time, a "sad past" is used, but then the character is pretty much used up and then thrown away. Numerous characters accept the Dominatrix Loli's seduction(Keep in mind this girl is 11 years old), and other tactics, almost immediately accept themselves as her "Slave", and begins to call her "-sama". Realistic! And not only that, the main characters, such as one of the slave girls of the loli, are mostly normal humans before the events of the story. Yet the characters accept the supernatural occurances, such as the Qwasers manuiplation of elements with relative ease. And the slave girl even left her home for who knows how long, but none of her family members is shown to care... The dialogue is also nothing special. The characters general have a catchphrase that is thrown out in a cheesy fashion, such as the main character "tremble in fear!" Every time he defeats a villain, or is about to. The characters engage in discussion in a stereotypical fashion, and most of the word bubbles are either babble, or filled with moans, or an idea of a moan, anyhow. The exchanges in general doesn't seem to be well thougt-out And Finally, the art. The characters, except maybe sasha, are all drawn with average drawing skills. the background is mostly blank, and next to all the Russian characters are drawn with Blonde hair, typical of Japanese perception of Western people. The breast is the most well-drawn part of any of the characters, you might like the art style' simplisticness, though. Most of the characters' faces look similar, but the distinction is mostly in the eyes. Lots kf cliched expressions such as a character talking with one eye shut for no apparent reason. But again, that might be what you like. Some of the designs, though, are relatively cool, even if they made no sense. In conclusion, Seikon no Qwaser has an interesting idea, but fails to comprehensively deliver it's characters, story, or just events in general as something cohesive. You may like it, but this one if given thought, will fail you. The breasts are rather well-drawn, and the amount of guro in the series is rather high when certain characters are introduced. Try not to look for comedy or a coherent plot when watching this, if you still decide to do s

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