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Sailor Moon dj - Crystal Planet H&M

Crystal Planet; Crystal Planet H&M; Crystal Planet's

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Sailormoon doujinshi featuring Haruka & Michiru. Volume 1 1) First Stage - Wander (Aosaki, Natsuru) 2) Second Stage - Berangkat (Aosaki, Natsuru) (Third stage was released inside Love Chaser 4 : I Want to Become the Wind). 3) Recurrence - Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru (Minami, Kazuka) 4) Half Moon (Minami, Kazuka) 5) Secret Moon (Sougetsu, Rei) 6) Sweet Silence (Hokuto, Minami) 7) A Solemn Promise (Toomine, Yukari) 8) Endless Love (Tenou, Saya) 9) Mermaid Dream Prologue (Akizuki, Setsu & Kouya, Hijiri) Volume 2 10) Panis Angelicus (Minami, Kazuka) 11) Mermaid Dream Chapter 1 (Akizuki, Setsu & Kouya, Hijiri) 12) Sweet Soul Revue (Miike, Romuko) 13) Losing and Finding Things Everyday (Etou, Atsuki) 14) Sortilege (Matsukaze, Satori) 15) Drifting Off to Sleep... (Yuukawa, Risa) 16) Season of Endings (Akasaka, Arika) 17) Where the Wind Is (Oowa Takumi) 18) Messiah (Ginga Natsuka) 19) How Many Times Must I...... (Komedawara Gonzaeko) In "Sweet Soul Revue," by Miike Romuko, Haruka brings some cake over to Michiru's place, and they fool around. "Drifting Off to Sleep..." by Yuukawa Risa focuses on Haruka's thoughts about Michiru's sacrifice in the middle of the third season. Akasaka Arika's "Season of Endings" deals with Haruka and Michiru's regret that they can't be with Sailor Moon. In "Losing and Finding Things Everyday," by Etou Atsuki, Michiru and Haruka talk about their future. In Matsukaze Satori's "Sortilege," Michiru thinks about her dreams. Komedawara Gonzaeko's "How Many Times Must I......" is about a tender moment between Michiru and Haruka. In "Where the Wind Is," by Oowa Takumi, Haruka explains to Makoto and Ami how kindness can in fact be cruel. In "Messiah," by Ginga Natsuka, Haruka reflects on her own personal Messiah. In "Holiday," by Tenoh Saya, Haruka finds a motorcycle and decides to fix it up. (Note: The end of the story refers to a "part 3," but there was never one published in the Crystal Planet's Haruka and Michiru anthologies. If one exists, it is in one of the artist's own doujinshi.)

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