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Saboten no Himitsu

The Secret of Cactus

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Saboten no Himitsu is about a girl named Miku who has secretly been in love with a person who never notices anything unless it smacks him in the face! This dumb guy is called Fujioka by his peers. Whenever she tries to confess, he doesn't believe her or else he changes the mood of the conversation! Miku has done everything to get herself noticed by him, even change her appearance completely! But according to him, she's just a cactus alien! But it seems there's more to Fujioka than what meets everyone's eye... *Also included are several oneshots: • Sono Saki no Sweet - Hidaka Mao was confessed to by her crush Chihiro-kun in junior high, but as soon as they started going out, she became unable to communicate with him. Now that they're in high school, she's still confused about her feelings, but will this year's Valentine's day bring them together again? • Okosama Brat - When Rie was a kid, she thought Taishi was her little brother, cause he was always at her house. But now, ten years later, those thoughts just might change. • Haruta Nikki

Manga by HARUTA Nana

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  • pippa256 · 3 months ago

    Saboten no Himitsu is honestly one of my favorite manga. I love Yamada Miku, she is one of the most realistic and human characters written. She doesn't have to settle for the "stupid, clumsy, but loveable" girl tropes that female protagonists are generally stuck with, she's smart, and dedicated, and she second guesses herself, overreacts, and makes stupid decisions, because guess what? She's a teenager. A strong, intelligent teenager who's just trying to be happy. On the flip side there's Fujioka, who's a somewhat weak character, he has the typical "bad boy" past, reformed himself, but is generally stupid and has very little going for him. While I don't think they're eventual relationship is ideal (can we say communication problems?), I do love how casual they are, how they aren't rushing into marriage or fighting off exes or parents. The only flaw within the manga (and the reason I gave it four stars) is because of one scene that really bothered me. When Miku is getting harassed by Kudoh, and a girl comes up and tells her she should have "relaxed more during her date," because somehow a guy grabbing a girl's arm as she's trying to get way is... what? Flirting? No, if you see a girl trying to get away from a guy, go and help her. Don't just watch her suffer or assume this stuff is normal. To be honest the entire character of Kudoh was just awful, he was disrespectful and entitled and generally gross, he stole Miku's phone, took advantage of her, basically harassed her because it was "fun" to torment not only her but also his little brother, and he ended up losing her phone. If you ever see a Kudoh in real life, I hope you knock some sense into him.

  • luvy · 1 month ago

    i like the character

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