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Rozen Maiden II Manga

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As a continuation of Rozen Maiden, the story starts with an older Jun, who is now a university student. While working at a bookstore as his part time job, he finds an unaddressed copy of the first issue of a weekly magazine "How to Make a Girl" containing a spring. He brings it home, and soon starts receiving further issues of the magazine by post, each issue having one part of a doll's body as a gift. One day, after putting much effort into assembling the fifth Rozen Maiden doll Shinku, he receives a notification that the publication has been cancelled, leaving him with an incomplete doll. Suddenly, he receives a mysterious text message from his old number, claiming to be the Jun Sakurada asking for help against the seventh Rozen Maiden doll Kirakisho...

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Rozen Maiden II


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