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From NetComics: Sangbum, a misogynistic and germophobic (that is, mysophobic) plastic surgeon, is shocked to discover that the sperm he donated when he was a medical student has produced a 13-year-old daughter named Myunghae! Myunghae's other parents were killed in an accident, so she is suddenly dropped into her biological father's life. Sangbum is unprepared for the responsibility of fatherhood, but he quickly learns to love the daughter who looks so much like him. In the midst of her happy new life with Sangbum, however, Myunghae is shocked to find out that her boyfriend Hyunjoon is going out with her best friend Mijoo. The truth is that Hyunjoon and Mijoo just wanted to teach Myunghae a lesson, but unexpected feelings are growing between them. Meanwhile, a popular student named Donghui is attracted to Myunghae. With so many changes in their lives in so little time, how will the new, small family of two cope? 

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