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Last chapters 17 The Results of the Promise! 16 The Last Punch! 15 Heisuke's Revival

Heisuke just came into town and the first thing on his to do list is chasing pretty girls, which causes him to get punched in the process. After reaching the house he'll be staying at he sees a girl trying to sneek inside. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to legitimately grope a girl, he attempts to stop this intruder only to find out that it's the same girl who punched him earlier, not only that but her name is Umi and she just happens to be one of the three sisters who live in that house along with their mother. The next day Umi finds out that Heisuke is a boxer who's skill is only eclipsed by his letcherousness. Follow Heisuke as he tries to find out which desire is stronger, his desire for boxing or his desire for girls!

Manga by SHIBAYAMA Kaoru

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  • Volume 5
  • 5 years agoRival 17: The Results of the Promise!
  • Volume 4
  • 5 years agoRival 16: The Last Punch!
  • 5 years agoRival 15: Heisuke's Revival
  • 5 years agoRival 14: Heisuke's Fatal Weakness?
  • 5 years agoRival 13: Terrifying Danger Zone
  • Volume 3
  • 5 years agoRival 12: The True Rival!
  • 5 years agoRival 11: The Night Before the Battle
  • 5 years agoRival 10: Heisuke's Rage
  • 5 years agoRival 9: Heisuke's Torrent of Crisis!!
  • Volume 2
  • 5 years agoRival 8: Japanese Tyson's Appearance
  • 5 years agoRival 7: Heisuke's Target...
  • 7 years agoRival 6: UMI's Anxiety!!
  • 7 years agoRival 5: A Pervert's Heart and a Woman's Spirit!?
  • Volume 1
  • 7 years agoRival 4: OFF the Premises Showdown!?
  • 7 years agoRival 3: Heisuke vs. Umi!!
  • 7 years agoRival 2: A Match!?
  • 7 years agoRival 1: The Lodger Have Come!!

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