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The story revolves around the relationships between the members of an all-male college photography club. 1) Liking You (first : sida) 2) Liking You (second : sida) 3) Liking You (last : sida) 4) other : sida [Liking You side story] 5) Conscious [Liking You side story] 6) Secret Desire Under the Uniform Thinking he is alone in the locker room after school, Arizumi can't resist taking of whiff of the gym clothes of Takada, the boy he has a crush on. But Arizumi is caught in the act by Asakawa, who promises his silence only if Arizumi pays with his body. 7) Renai a la Carte - Conscious Mix Version

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Renai a la Carte!

  • Alternative title(s):L'amour à la carte! Liking You Love à la carte! Renai à la carte! Secret Desire Under the Uniform
  • Released in:1999
  • Author(s):MINAMI Haruka
  • Artist(s):MINAMI Haruka
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Mature, Romance, School Life, Smut, Yaoi
  • Status:Completed


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