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REAL (ANAN Yukako) Manga

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Act 1-3 - Shiawase na Nishi Famous actor convinces naive acting student that he (the student) needs to to become lovers with him (the famous actor) to better understand and portray a role. Also contains a oneshot called Non Stop Love Power.... Oneshot - Non-Stop Love Power Sei is one of those kids who's obsessed with the supernatural. When he convinces his classmates to join him for a courage test at a nearby house that is supposed to be haunted, he doesn't expect his classmate Hayami to get possessed by a ghost. While the other boys run away, Sei is left to deal with his possessed friend. Possessed or not, what does Hayami think he's doing kissing him like that? There is another oneshot but not translated yet.

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REAL (ANAN Yukako)

  • Alternative title(s):Shiawase na Nishi
  • Released in:2002
  • Author(s):Anan Yukako
  • Artist(s):Anan Yukako
  • Type:0
  • Genre(s): Yaoi
  • Status:Completed


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