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Pyeong Beonhan ge Joa! Manga

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All I wanted is an ordinary life with everything being ordinary. That is all I wanted. But thanks to my dad (a lovely gangster), I don't get to live an ordinary life. So all I wanted is ONE thing. I wanted to be like other girls my age and have a normal school life. But what should I do when I get a fiance who is gorgeous and has a dirty personalty?!

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Pyeong Beonhan ge Joa!

  • Alternative title(s):평범한 게 좋아!; 평범한게좋아!; Like to Be Ordinary; Like to Be Ordinary!; Thích làm người bình thường
  • Released in:Unkown
  • Author(s):Maru
  • Artist(s):Son Chan-su
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
  • Status:Ongoing


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