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Volume 1: 1-2) Punch Up Motoharu is an openly gay, elite architect whose preference is the athletic, pretty boy type. While checking out the well-built construction workers at his favourite hunting ground the construction site, he found his missing wayward cat Shinobu. A hot-tempered, sarcastic, bratty ironworker named Kouta insists Shinobu is Nyata his cat. Will Maki be able to tame the vicious pet(s)? (features Misono from Mayou Otoko) 3) Punch Up Kouta feels uneasy after finding out about Motoharu and Shinobu's one night stand. 4) Sweet Train Junsuke presents Shinobu a trip to Sapporo by train as a belated birthday gift. (features Shinobu and Junsuke from Play Boy Blues) Volume 2: 1-2) Punch Up Motoharu learns a little bit more about Kouta's past from the youth's ex-classmate. 3) Ohki Kouta's Interview A little interview detailing Kouta's job. 4) Punch Up Kouta runs into his brother's ex-partner and is made to remember his painful past. 5) Honeymoon Fukazu Yuya is going out with Kouta's brother who is a cross-dresser. This chapter focusses on Kouta's little known complicated past.

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Punch Up

  • Alternative title(s):直擊你心, Punch Up!, Punch↑
  • Released in:2005
  • Author(s):KANO Shiuko
  • Artist(s):KANO Shiuko
  • Type:Manga
  • Genre(s): Drama, Yaoi
  • Status:Ongoing


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