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Pokemon Adventures: Black and White Manga

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The Black and White arc of Pokemon Special. --- IMPORTANT NOTE from /a/nonymous scanlations: The problem with Pokemon Special's magazine serialization is that it jumps around a lot. Not just between the magazines, but within the magazines too. The first two published chapters, which were in the same issue, weren't even continuous. Just because it's the third published chapter doesn't make it the third actual chapter. To put it in simple terms, just because x > 2, doesn't make x = 3. Okay? The point of me calling each chapter "chapter 1" or "chapter 2" is just for me, Manga-Updates and others to keep track of how many chapters I have released. It's pointless for me to use the order at which the chapters were published, because then more people would just ask me for the missing chapters, like what's happening with Mudazumo, and it's really a meaningless number. Even the numbers that I use are more consecutive than the publishing order. No one really knows what the actual chapter numbers are, except for the authors, publisher, and maybe Viz. There's 10 or so chapters published so far, and it still isn't connecting. When we finally figure the numbers out, I'll post an exchange table and request changes with M-U. I'll also redo ch 1-4 with the official English names for the Pokemon species, locations, etc. (probably not names).

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