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Pink no Idenshi

ふらちな教師, Dangerous Love Triangle, Pink Gene, Pinkの遺伝子, Pink的遺傳因子

Last chapters 6 5 Hold Me Baby 4 Dangerous Love Triangle

Ayase, a high school student catches her chemistry Fugiki teacher whom she is secretly in love with, kissing a married teacher in the music room. Fugiki catches her watching, and after she teases him the two share a kiss. After this however Fugiki ignores her! What are Fugiki's real feelings? Will Ayase ever get to be in a real relationship with him? *Dangerous Love Triangle - Saving a helpless boy from being dressed up as a girl against his will, Chihiru Kanno is amazed at just how beautiful the half naked boy is. On the other hand, is she in for more trouble than she bargained for? The little boy she saved turns out to really be the older brother of the younger one that she has a crush on! In any case, Nakajou, the older one, has taken a liking to her. And what's this? He also wants to have sex with her?! Is seduction the key into getting into Chiharu's pants, or will true love in the form of the younger brother Maki, appear?

Manga by YUZUKI Jun

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  • NoirTomber · 1 year ago

    Is this truly a completed manga? The last chapter leave us hanging!

  • Aanox · 11 months ago

    Damn... Do hell with that guy name taichi.. How can someone be such an asset hole like he is. Can't he see the dangers coming. Even though he was touched by the danger name sensei.. Can't he see it or feel it. Why is his girlfriend is the only one always protecting him. Doesn't taichi love his girlfriend. It seems like his girlfriend is the only one who loves taichi... Doesn't seem to be much in love. Taichi you asshole... If you're a guy.. Protect your self and fightback and if you love your girlfriend then show her your love for her. Why is that.. Your girlfriend is the only one showing her love for you. Now its your turn to show her your love for her. Please show your love for your girlfriend( Natsu chan)

  • Aanox · 11 months ago

    Are you serious.. That chibuki.. What the're a shame on the name of friendship and that lady sensei... You bastard... Even though you're a slut but at least spare that couple.. They both look so cute together.. Even though taichi is an asshole but Natsu and taichi both love each other. Sensei please leave them alone. Even though sensei is a slut but you have the heart of women so.. Please stop trying to have sex with taichi.. Taichi and Natsu chan should do that not you. My heart was burned with hatred but..Anyway thanks for your hard work in making this manga

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