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Perfect Partner Manga

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Aina is a girl that hasn't got high grades at school. Shinga a guy from her class that is very good at learning. For the final exams in groups they are going together. One day, at they just fall asleep in the room they are learning and after just make sex. They don't know they have been taped by a guy that is gelous that everytime he gets the second place because of Shinga. He decides to blackmail Aina to get the first place at the contest. She doesn't refuse that for Shinga but he get there in time and stop the hole think. But he can't stop the school radio that has the tape. So... The hole school hears that what have they been doing in the learning room. This pases, they got the first place because of her and the school direct just takes the eye of the past day events for the winning team. And still, they are in love...

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Perfect Partner

  • Alternative title(s):������������
  • Released in:2001
  • Author(s):MINAMI Kanan
  • Artist(s):MINAMI Kanan
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Smut
  • Status:Completed


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