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おさえられないっ!, 无法控制, First Emotion Territory, Hatsujou Territory, I Can't Stop It , Osaerarenai

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Haruka is a owner of a dog; however, the dog is no ordinary dog. He is the wildest boy in her high school. What exactly is their relationship...?

Manga by WATA Nobu

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  • tayrashashank · 4 months ago

    I had high hopes for this one. Just the idea of having a guy as a pet had me thinking of what type of collar I'd get him... The truth is, not so much. The story could have easily been one chapter and the supposed love triangle was nonexistent. The other guy was only there for a 10 pages in the entire manga then he goes on saying he was going to fight for the heroine but after one random basketball scene (which was added for the sole purpose of making us think he was "so cool!") he never appeared again. The main characters are frustrating, and that's saying something because I have a high tolerance for it. The only thing he wants to do is have sex. It centers around sex and the idea that that's how you show someone you love them. I have nothing against sex but, seriously? Then there's the other thing, where are the sensei/parents? I know it's not meant to be believable but if a teenager doesn't come home for 2 days wouldn't a parent wonder? It does have an extra story. The heroines might have been the same since they both act the same. The art was actually decent though average. The characters clothing style was actually nice to look at. That means that Kai (dog boy) was actually forgiven a little for being so 1D because he was a bishie. There is no nudity even though there are sex scenes, which I thought was kind of neat.

  • psychopandas · 6 days ago

    I agree, the love triangle pretty much was nonexistent. But the smut factor was definitely there. A short enjoyable read to pass the time. You'll get your pleasures worth if you like smut. ;)

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