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Ore ni Koi Shite Dousunda

Ore ni Koishite Dousunda, Why are you in love with me anyway

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When his interior designer mom takes off to New York for a year, Toranosuke, dorky name none withstanding, gets sent to stay with his uncle. And it's just his luck that Ryouji's obnoxious, violent, and has the same sharp tongue as Tora's mom. Only it turns out that he's not really that bad, and maybe Tora's falling in love (with his uncle, of all people), and Ryouji has a heart of gold underneath the bellowing and violence. Except that Ryouji's pretty much the worst guy in the world to fall for: he enjoys sex more than eating, has a commitment problem, and has long since convinced himself that he's really, really straight.

Manga by YONEDA Kou

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  • tayrashashank · 4 months ago

    *This is ShoShi-chan's first reveiw. ShoShi-chan isn't the best speller so please excuse any misspelled works. Thank you =^.^=* Ore ni Koi Shite Dousunda or, the english translated title, Why do You Love Me Anyway by Yoneda, Kou is an engaging story about a young man named Toranosuke (Tora for short) and his Uncle Kase, Ryouji. In the begining, Tora's mother, who works as an interior desigher, is given a job in New York. His mother wants him to say in Japan so he can finish his last year of high school and sends him off to live with his Uncle, who he hasn't seen since the funiral of Tora's father when he was 8 year old. Let's just say, Tora isn't very extadic about living with Ryouji and neither is he. "...I'd rather live with some fucking ugly bitch then live with a brat!", Ryouji welcomed Tora with. Their hate for eachother was mutual and clear. Along the way, Tora starts to grow a bond with Ryouji when progressing into the story but, along with the reader, is uncertain how. Yoneda, does a great job of making the reader feel like they are infact Tora himself. She does a wonderful job on makeing her readers feel his emotions, thoughts, and feelings from his anger, to his confution, to his fright, and disappiontments. She makes her audience feel the akwardness that Tora feels to the piont where they would want to hide in order for avoid another akward moment. The story is also romantic and doesn't show the parts but it's obviouse that there are sex sence. The sex sence are short which says that the story isn't really about the sex life of these two relatives but their relationship. This book would be recomended to those who enjoy watching people grow from hating eachother to finding true love with one another. The recomended age would be 14+ because of strong language, sexual themes, and adult situations. Other then that there's some confution in the middle of the story, this book is Great and is given a 9 out of 10

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