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Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!

おまえをオタクにしてやるから、俺をリア充にしてくれ!; Omae wo Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore wo Riajuu ni Shitekure!; I’ll make you into an Otaku, so make me into a Riajuu!

Last chapters 13 12 11 A Beautiful Girl Descends--!!!

Kashiwada Naoki was determined to lead his high school life without anyone knowing that he’s an Otaku. However, his classmate Bishoujo, Koigasaki Momo, who was rumored among the girls to be a bitch, found him out!? Before the despairing Kashiwada, she said something undoubtedly surprising. “Aren’t you an Otaku? Then, make me into an Otaku!” The love story of two individuals bounded by an agreement of Otaku and Riajuu starts!!

Manga by Murakami Rin

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  • tayrashashank · 1 month ago

    I only just started reading manga but there is a larger variety which really helps people find what they want. "the manga is tons better" etc. is what I read basically on every anime review ( exagerration :P) But anyways back to the topic. If any of you have seen toradora, this is very, VERY similar. At least it seems so. However there are quite a few different factors. STORY-8 Otaku. Traumatized past. Wants to become cool. Hides his past. GIRL. Falls in love with an OTAKU who is cool. It basically tells their adventures together throught a mutual pact. Girl helps Otaku become cool ( live full life etc.) and Otaku helps Girl become an Otaku to hang out with the otaku she likes. Of course you can expect random twists and turns. What sort of story would be a simple helpout story? If you want that- go read a kiddy book or fairy tail. Art I have a hard time knowing whether manga art is good or bad because I am not too well with black and white but as you can see, the artwork ( on the cover) seems quite nice and well drawn throughout the story ( haha I'm not exactly an artwork inspector. Character-9 Every character seems to have a backstory that they have to tell and are quite unique and have their own special thoughts and opinions. Enjoyment-8 I have a difficult time enjoying manga as I get distracted and bored however I enjoyed it so far. Overall-8 This isn't exactly spectacular and not going to be a clannad, air, ef etc. but if you want a fun romantic comedy with otaku's this is for you.It's a nice story and has well done art

  • loneheart · 4 weeks ago

    toradora? hmmm wortheto try

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