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Okusama wa Joshi Kousei

おくさまは女子高生, 我太太是高中生, Hiyoko Brand, Hiyoko Brand - Okusama wa Joshikousei, HIYOKO BRAND おくさまは女子高生, Oku-sama wa Joshi Kousei

Last chapters 35.5 Special: The PERVERTED Electrician-san ♥ 35 There's A Place I Want You to Come 34 Because He'll Wake Up

Onohara Asami is a cute, 17 year-old, 2nd year high school student. What nobody knows is that she's actually already married, to her physics teacher. Besides her responsibility as a student, she now has to take care of the household and keep the marriage a secret in school. Will she be able to do all of this and will she succeed in making her danna-sama (husband) interested in her?

Manga by KOBAYASHI Hiyoko

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  • shar · 3 months ago

    The storyline was great!

  • tayrashashank · 3 months ago

    A pretty decent shoujo/smut manga. I liked the premise, and the characters are unique and well-developed. I don't really understand how Onohara and Kyousuke ended up married, but... however it happened, it puts them in some very interesting situations x3 It's different in that the girl is the one more actively trying to seduce her husband. His obliviousness is quite amusing, though I imagine if it goes on for many more chapters, it'll get annoying. I haven't been able to read the whole manga yet, but I thought it deserved a review all the same. The plot so far isn't much more than the relationship between these two, but it's quite interesting and comedic. The art is stunning - well-designed characters (Kyousuke is adorable!) and none of your typical stick-skinny manga girls. These are women! Also, there are TONS of beautiful colored pages; way more color than I have seen in any other manga, and it's such a treat. Definitely lots of ecchi scenes.

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