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Natsujikan Manga

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Series of 5 oneshots: 1) Summertime memories (Natsu Jikan) A boy goes to meet a stranger after his mother's death. Finding his mother's love-letters that has never sent out to this man... 2) Torrid Night- After years have past Takaaki has returned to his childhood home and his stepbrother Nozomi. They are the only family they have left, and both hold secrets from the past that can destroy them. But the dark passion they feel is dangerous too... 3 & 4) That's What God Says & Sweet Little Devil- Izumi and Tetsuya are neighbors, both with very similar problems. Does one's appearance really determine who you are or how you should be? Were these neighbors fated to be together?It's all fate. 5) The Sleeping Man- Naoki and Tatsuya were high school classmates and close friends, with Tatsuya having the task of waking up his ever sleeping friend. They agreed to meet at the dawn of the new millienium, and though they both show up, there's something off.... Edit : MangaWonder

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