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Sasuke gives Itachi a goodbye kiss and their parents realize and pull Sasuke away. The next morning when Itachi's leaving, Sasuke smiles at him and Itachi kisses him this time -- and Mom promptly sends him on his way (re: slams the door in his face). Sasuke confesses to his brother that he wants to "become nii-san's wife," so Itachi pulls him into his room for naptime with his bride. In another story, Sasuke is working in a teahouse, and Itachi and Kisame visit there. Sasuke's upset at their reaction to him and runs off, but Itachi chooses him anyway and goes after. Itachi visits a few times, and gives Sasuke antennae to wear. Kakashi catches Sasuke working there and orders him to quit (because he's a regular customer). Sasuke gets a gift for his brother; Kakashi realizes it's for one of Sasuke's customers and, worrying about him, explains that this is a bad idea. Sakura catches Itachi and Sasuke and rushes to his defense, but Kisame takes her out of the room. Itachi reveals his Sasuke Observation Diary. Itachi makes off with Sasuke.

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