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オレたま, オレたま 〜オレが地球を救うって!?〜, 我与恶魔的H生活, My Balls, Ore Tama

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The fate of the world rests on one man's shoulders. Or, to put it more exactly, it rests on his balls. In a freak sealing accident the Queen of Terror is sealed into Satou Kohta's balls, thus preventing her from reigning destruction on the world. However, a lesser devil, Elyse, has been sent up to Earth to release the Queen at all costs. The only way to do so is to make Kohta ejaculate, and Elyse only has 30 days to do it. The battle for mankind has begun, in Kohta's pants.

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  • tayrashashank · 3 months ago

    My Balls (Ore Tama) is a hilarious Mature, Ecchi, Romantic, Comedy with one of the most absurd plots I've come across in a non-H manga. Think 40 Days & 40 Nights through the mind of a perverted mangaka; where a being, not of this world, is accidentally sealed in a poor virgin's balls. Now the next time he ejaculates, within the current month, marks the end of the world. Can the whole of mankind be save through the abstinence of one man? It is only by reading this manga that you'll be able to find the answer, but in the process of reading you will discover one absurdly funny story. Comedy is what it's all about and with a title like My Balls, you can assume that it'll be full off adult humour. Adult humour that will continuously push the boat, in providing comedy that is completely unheard of in manga, but on the other hand the story certainly isn't its strongest suite. With each chapter merely following the escapades of the protagonist (Kohta) and his companion (Elyse). This mainly comprises of a bunch of random events, mostly involving some demon spawn, attempting to release their Queen and these scenarios are loosely strung along to form a coherent story. Sure in most manga, having a weak storyline could prove detrimental to the plot but with a plot as absurd as "the Queen of Hell being sealed into a virgin's spunk cavern", then one can accept the lack of any in-depth, logical, story. The virgin in question, Kohta, is the poor sod that has to endure all the perversion being force onto him. Due to the nature of the story, most readers would expect him to be an unlikeable, generic, guy; but on the contrary. He is not useless at all, like the pathetic virgins you typically find in ecchi, rom/coms and that's what makes him so damn funny to watch. His female companions may have personalities that follow the most generic of tropes, but they do offer just a lil something special that will make even their predictable actions seem amusing. To complete the cast are a number of other-worldly beings that have very little to do with any character development and are just there to serve the plot. The artwork is just as good in serving that plot; especially in its portrayal of ecchi scenes and near pornographic sex acts. It is simple, yet very effective. The panels are also well organised and even with a lot of them, on a single page, it never gets messy... unless it's trying to be. Overall My Balls is one of the funniest things I've ever read and by far the funniest, perverted manga ever created... and I've read a lot of those. However, with all its unadulterated humour, some can easily be turned off by how perverted it gets. For the guys & girls who don’t mind numerous reverse rape situations; will end up rolling on the floor laughing at the adult humour and in turn, be shocked by what this manga & its characters are capable of doing. Every chapter will provide something new to laugh about. It's a shame it had somewhat of a weak ending. *Be warned, there's A LOT of sexual content.*

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