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Tsuki to Sandal Manga

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Vol1 - Young Mr. Ida might be a newbie teacher, but he is capable enough. Problem is, every time he writes his lecture on the board, he feels this deeply intense gaze boring through the back of his head. Could he be doing something wrong? For huge and intimidating student Kobayashi, Mr. Ida can't do anything wrong. In fact, Ida is Kobayashi's Mr. Right. That's why Kobayashi keeps giving the timid teacher looks that could kill. Just as Ida begins to lose confidence in his teaching, Kobayashi musters the courage to clarify that the intense gaze he gives is not one of hatred but one of love. Spurred on by his feelings, Kobayashi ends his confession with a kiss. Ida doesn't push him away. All should be well. But it isn't. After all, the course of true love never does run smoothly. Vol2 - Kobayashi, Toyo, Ida, Hashizume, and Rikuko...everyone has gotten a little older, but are they any wiser? The loveable characters of the Moon and Sandals saga begin a new chapter in their lives. Kobayashi and Toyo have both successfully started their careers, Hashizume now heads his own restaurant, and Rikuko is studying to be a doctor. But amidst all this seeming success, old issues still lurk below the surface, waiting to be resolved. Question is, will the gang be able to muster enough maturity to finally settle old scores?

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Tsuki to Sandal


    Manga by YOSHINAGA Fumi

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