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Migiko Nipponichi!! Manga

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Contains two stories: I. Migiko Nipponichi!! - As children Sakon confessed his love for Migiko and promised to protect her, but not long after suddenly cut all ties with her. Now, many years later, Migiko is determined to make Sakon take notice of her by becoming Japan's Number 1 idol. - From Solaris-SVU. II. Takuya of the 7 Wonders.- There's a rumor in the school that if a person steps into the school at night, they will disappear. Sanami, a middle school student who is oblivious about the rumours, decides to prove those rumors out. She gets her best friend missing and now must save her before she disappears.

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Migiko Nipponichi!!

  • Alternative title(s):Migiko Nihonichi!!, Migiko Nippon Ichi!!
  • Released in:1993
  • Author(s):KUSUNOKI Kei
  • Artist(s):KUSUNOKI Kei
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Romance
  • Status:Completed


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