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A Life Description about the Mangaka Aito Yuuki and his Assistant Ashisu Sahoto. Aito-san doesn't understand the feelings of the characters on his stories. So He asks Ashisu to help him. Ashisu would do everything for the work. She would even let him touch her breast so he will know how it feels like?! The Habit?! The Pervert?! Can we understand them? That's the Comedy of a Mangaka Life. The mangaka alternates between the standard style and the 4koma.

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  • Alternative title(s):????????????????, ???????, The Comic Artist and His Assistants, The Manga Creator and the Assistant and?, ??????? ? ??? ?????????
  • Released in:2007
  • Author(s):Hiroyuki
  • Artist(s):Hiroyuki
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Seinen, Slice Of Life
  • Status:Ongoing


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