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Makeinu no Nandemoya Manga

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Atsushi, an ex-chef, Torajirou, a high school baseball player, and Nakagawa, a famous ex-composer (all 3 losers in life) started up a Convenience Agency. Then, as if fate had a hand in it, Nakagawa once again crosses path with Takahashi, an incredibly talented young composer, when a job that needs Takahashi's expertise arises, rocking the three's otherwise quiet life towards a whole new direction. From making you laugh to moving you to tears, this is a story of love and peace, and the world as seen by losers.

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Makeinu no Nandemoya

  • Alternative title(s):Losers' Convenience Agency by Underdogs
  • Released in:2004
  • Author(s):SUGANO Akira
  • Artist(s):ASOU Kai
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Comedy, Shounen Ai
  • Status:Completed


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