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Majin Devil

Majin Devil, Majin, 魔人―DEVIL, 마인 (Oh! Great), Devil (Oh! Great), Majin -Devil-

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Majin Devil is the connection of two stories. It begins with a young gang member who is transformed into a monster by the Majin Devil. The second is the story of how one boy genius uses his intellect to defeat the Majin Devil with the help of some allies he meets along the way. [MAL]

Manga by Ogure Ito

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  • jonblaze · 3 months ago

    can't wait for more chapters excellent read :p

  • tayrashashank · 3 months ago

    K, this is my first review so you may want to take it with a grain of salt. Story (8): When I saw the title and the cover, I expected your typical shounen manga, where the main character is weak (he's pretty much a nerd) and becomes overwhelmingly powerful because of some supernatural/magical enhancement: you know, your run-of-the-mill battle manga. Not so. Its one of those manga that stresses brain over brawn. That's not to say that there isn't overwhelming strength present, but the author stresses everything on an intellectual aspect. The only real complaint I have story-wise is the jump after the first two chapters. To some readers, its a bit confusing. At least until they get to the later chapters. As I was reading the first two chapters, I reread the synopsis and thought I was reading the wrong manga... Art (7): I'm no artist, but the art occasionally lacks consistency. Some panels look great, while others... not so much (those ones you have no clue what is happening). Oh, a warning to some of the more easily offended readers: the mangaka has no qualm about drawing upper-nudity on females. It's a reoccurring thing. But that aside, the art is good. Characters (9): I've heard complaints that there wasn't enough character development. Well, I'm sorry, but with only 2 volumes (12 chapters) I think the author did extremely well. Characters are memorable and their designs are great. I really liked the female protagonist, but then again, I'm really a sucker for those types. Enjoyment (9): I really liked this one. It's not all battle or science-talk. There is a bit of romance and comedy involved. Honestly, the romance gave me a bit of the warm-and-fuzzy towards the end. And there are parts where I literally (and I REALLY hate using this term) laughed-out-loud. A great variety for such a short series.

  • tayrashashank · 3 months ago

    its good

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