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Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Shingetsutan Tsukihime; 真月譚 月姫; 진월담 월희; Tsukihime; True Lunar Chronicle Tsukihime; Lunar Legend Chronicles

Last chapters 74 Epilogue 73 72

Tsukihime is a tale about the circle of protect and destruction, of redemption, of love. It starts from ages ago, when the vampire's ancestors still walked the earth, and our main heroine, the True Ancestor Princess Arcueid Brunestud, was desired by a human mage. Using a magical ritual and deceit, the man tricked her into drinking his blood, and forcibly took from her the magical power that made him into the Dead Apostle, the perverted master of vampires that we know. Unknowingly drinking blood, Arcueid enter a frenzy berserk mode and singlehandedly almost destroyed her race. In order to atone for her sins and blunders, the Princess became a dedicated hunter to destroy the Apostles and their servants, the undead humans. Eight hundred years she rose from her slumber only to hunt and attack her enemies, then return to sleep, never living, never eating, never loving. Among the Dead Apostles there's an Anomaly: the vampire known as The Serpent. He lives forever by reincarnating among chosen humans throughout the ages. When he awoke, the human's mind was destroyed and taken over. When the body died his soul left, slumbered in limbo until a suitable body became available for his taking. One of his many victims is Ciel, a baker's daughter in France. When he was attacked and killed by Arcuied, the Serpent fled like before, but the body of Ciel didn't die. Miraculously, her mind and soul prevailed against his mind-rape. She lived, but became the prisoner of the Inquisition, then chose to become their Agent to hunt down vampires and Apostles. Cue to present, there's trouble brewing in a small city of Japan, that faraway Asian nation of the East. There're rumours of zombies, of vampires, and a whiff of Apostle. Ciel moved to investigate. Arcueid, awoken from her slumber, also starts walking on those crowded streets. Unknown to them this land has protectors: the Clan of Tohno. The current head of the clan is the daughter Akiha who is fiercely protective of her older brother. Especially when the two older girls start crowding around Tohno Shiki. And then there's the man Tohno Shiki himself. A boy in age, his mind is of an experienced and tormented man. He starts late in this chronicle, but he will be the focal point, the Eye of Maelstrom. Everything hinges on his character, his actions, his choices. Will the tale be a love comedy, or a tragic 5 part play, or end in a thud, no one knows... The only thing we can do is watch, and pray for our favourites. Read on, to the tale itself. (taken from

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