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Lodoss Tousenki: Deedlit Monogatari Manga

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Parn, the hotheaded young fighter and the main character of the "Record of Lodoss War", always rushed into actions for the good of Lodoss and pure justice. Therefore, he always took away all the focus from the more passive main character and yet his partner, Deedlit the Elf. As in the name, "Deedlit's Tale", this is totally contributed to this beloved character. Artworks were done by Setsuko Yoneyama. This Manga adapts the novel of the same name into a two book Manga sequence. While reading this Manga, readers will find themselves feeling the heart of a young girl (one hundred and seventy years old is considered to be young for a high elf) and witnessing the romantic story of these two great heroes.

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Lodoss Tousenki: Deedlit Monogatari

  • Alternative title(s):?????????, D?doritto Monogatari, Deedlit's Tale, Record of Lodoss War - Deedlit's Tale
  • Released in:1997
  • Author(s):Mizuno Ryo
  • Artist(s):Yoneyama Setsuko
  • Type:0
  • Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
  • Status:Completed


Manga by Yoneyama Setsuko

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