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Leopard Hakusho Manga

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Aya, a popular host who works at the club, "Leopard", is known for his good looks and his love for money. One day, a man named Shingyouji, with an aura fit to be a king, comes by and says, "I'll buy you. How much do you want?" What awaits Aya within the next 24 hours is house-wife role playing and lots of S&M sex… A story that begins with money and body that leads to one hell of a relationship starts here!

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Leopard Hakusho

  • Alternative title(s):Leopard白皮書 ; Leopard White Paper; レオパード白書
  • Released in:2007
  • Author(s):OUGI Yuzuha
  • Artist(s):OUGI Yuzuha
  • Type:Manga
  • Genre(s): Romance, Yaoi
  • Status:Ongoing


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