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A collection of fantasy oneshots with a dash of animal-ear flavor. An onnagata inspires a young boy to get in touch with his inner woman, a family of foxes teach a miserable young tailor to cure leather, a cat is trapped in a pretty intense love triangle, a bumbling newspaper club member is delegated to photography club duties, a boy with a history of sexual abuse falls for the painter he wants to cover those memories up, and a merboy falls for the wrong man. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Bliss: *We'll only be doing this oneshot from this series. Chapter 6: Love's Fountain of Prayers Sasa is a merman whose curious about the world of humans. When a human, Yuuzutsu told Sasa that he loves him, Sasa decided to go to the local apothecary, Sou, in order to find a way in order to get legs. Sou relectutantly grant Sasa his wish by replacing his heart with a "love's soul" on the condition that Sasa must procure true love with his partner or he will die.

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    Koi Ut a6 Vol. 1 Love's Fountain of Prayers

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Manga by Kamei Yogorouta

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