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Kawaii Beast

Cute Beast

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1)Cute Beast: There’s a tall and mysterious (and scary!) guy named Onizuka in Kisaki’s class. He looks horrifying at first glance, but if you take a good look, he’s actually pretty handsome! And yet he acts like a big lumbering animal all the time. Now, Kisaki’s starting to feel like he wants to keep Onizuka’s hidden charms to himself… but why?! 2)The Prince's Commitment: Girls always confess to Miki, then dump him within weeks because he doesn't care enough. So when adorable classmate Sakura (male) confesses to Miki, he decides to try it out. Will Miki learn to care about another person, or will Sakura leave him like all the rest? And why does the entire class know Miki's business? 3)Ramune, First Love, and Summer Break: Years ago, Aki and his cousin Naomi (male) were very close with the much older Naomi taking care of Aki. Now a third year high school student, Aki must spend time with Naomi again and confront the feelings he's been hiding... 4)Alice Reunite: When Sumio steps on a drunk in park, he doesn't expect to be compared to the drunk's ex-girlfriend and nearly kissed! Sumio hopes never to see him again, but the drunk is Takagi, his senior at college. Now Takagi always around, and Sumio is getting used to the attention... 5)I'm Serious Because It's Love: Saishou Sensei is the object of Misato's crush, so when he approaches Misato, the innocent schoolboy is unprepared for the physical side of things. Especially when he learns that Sensei is known for fooling around with his students. Could Sensei be serious this time, or is that just wishful thinking? 6)Cute Beast Extra: The couple decides to move their relationship to the next level. But are they really ready for it?

Manga by TSUGE Amayo

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