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Katsuai - Dakaretai Manga

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1) Katsuai Dakaretai Misao has only been going out with Tsukasa for a week, but he's a notorious playboy and she's a virgin. She loves him, but she's nervous about sex... 2) Rouge Temptation Chizu is small and boyish looking, and is used to everyone teasing her about it. If only she was a little more sexy, maybe she could get the handsome Miyabi to see her as more than a "little brother". But her best friend Ayane wants Chizu to stay the way she is. 3) Last Romance Rei and Misaki have been dating for nearly a year, but their relationship has become strained since Misaki job was transferred to another town. After he breaks a much anticipated date with her, Rei gets drunk and wakes up in bed with strange guy! Should she tell Misaki? Is there relationship doomed? Rei is Miyabi's (Rouge Temptation) older sister, and he pops up as a cute kid here. 4) Second Virgin Futaba gave her first time to the sempai she was in love with, only to find out he was playing with her. When she's saved from drowning by the kind Haruka, she's not sure she wants to live. But spending time with Haruka is helping erase the past hurt. Is he as wonderful as he seems?

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Katsuai - Dakaretai

  • Alternative title(s):Katsuai (Dakaretai), Katsuai -Dakaretai-
  • Released in:2000
  • Author(s):KANOU Noriko
  • Artist(s):KANOU Noriko
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Romance, Smut
  • Status:Completed


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