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Story 01: Kaine - Shinogu awakens from a coma in a hospital only to find out that his black hair is now long and red. He looks exactly like his famous rock group vocalist twin brother - Kaine. Kaine was part of a group called Endorphines. Apparently someone tried to kill the two brothers off. However, in a car accident, Kaine died on the spot while Shinogu was comatose. In order to let Endorphines continue, their manager has forced Shinogu to take over his brother's place, hoping no one will know the difference. But will they? Kaine's best friend, Die, starts to suspect the fake-Kaine. Meanwhile, one by one, the fans of Endorphines begin to commit sucide after listening to the groups latest CD. Die and 'Kaine' are determined to know the truth and decide to investigate. Story 02: Magical Mystery Tour. Story 03: Tokei Jikake no Orange Bakudan. Story 04: Tokyo Top.

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