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Itaike na Bokura Manga

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Chapters 1-3: Kyoushi and Kou have been lovers for 3 years, and their relationship has been discovered and accepted by Kyoushi's older sister. Now can their love withstand an overbearing, intrusive fan girl? How about an adorable 5-year old cousin who wants to marry Kyoushi? Chapter 4 (Don't Touch Me): Bittersweet one-shot about the possibility of living life again and finding a new love after being raped. Chapters 5-6: Sou and Keigo have been friends for years, but Keigo never realized Sou's secret - his parents are both men. Now that Keigo is beginning to be more concerned about Sou, is it time to meet the parents? Even if both parents are men, will they approve of their son's preferences?

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Itaike na Bokura

  • Alternative title(s):Innocent Us
  • Released in:1996
  • Author(s):FUWA Shinri
  • Artist(s):FUWA Shinri
  • Type:
  • Genre(s): Shounen Ai
  • Status:Completed


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